We cover a wide range of business sectors
and a range of services to meet most customers needs

Shop & Retail Space

You've built a brand & reputation, don't let your retail space let you down. We will insure that everything is clean and tidy and your mirrors, light fittings & glass shelves sparkle and present the image you want.

Communal & Shared Space

As a landlord or managing agent, your tenant satisfaction will depend in part, on how well you maintain and present your space.

Elevators & Travelators

Elevator buttons & escalator handrails can have almost 40 times more bacteria than a public toilet, are your elevators and escalators cleaned thoroughly everyday? When someone is stood in an elevator for 30s what are they looking at?

Dental & Doctors Surgeries

Patient confidence and infection control are at heart of any good surgery, let Astute put extra shine on your image.

Museums & Theatres

Dusty & Dreary is a phrase that is sometimes used when describing Museums & Libraries, let Astute put a brighter shine on your organisation.

Visitor Centres

Your visitor centre is often the first place the general public have the chance to interact with you, this is where they make their first impression, let us help you make it a good one.

Emergency Flood & Smoke Damage

Regardless of the initial reason, fast action to dry out and restore water & smoke damaged areas can mean saving thousands of pounds in damage repairs and possible litigation.